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Our investments

Do you want to invest with us?

Thanks to spearheaded co-investment, investors who are not professionals or do not have time will be able to monetize their savings along with the best.

Why co-invest?

Investing is a complex process that involves many risks and requires:

A lot of time spent on it

Access and ability to select the best opportunities

Knowledge on how to manage the investment process

These are capabilities that are learned over time, but which in initial investments imply high failure rates. In our opinion, the best way to avoid these problems is to start investing with experienced investors.

What advantages does Re-Activa obtain with co-investment?

The question that arises is obvious, if you have a good investment opportunity…

Why share it?

The answer is equally obvious when you discover Zen Capital’s investment model and its organisational structure:

To invest well you need to hire the best, and create a structure that works at full capacity to be profitable…

We are good at generating opportunities, and we do not have the capacity to invest in all of them. Allowing partners to join us means we can increase our investment capacity and monetize a part of the opportunity generated through a results-based management fee.

Co-investment Models

Private area

If you are not yet Re-activa client, contact our consultants to set up an access to the client area


At Re-Activa we employ the most innovative techniques in the design of spaces, choice of materials and in the execution of work.

What stands us apart as a construction company?

We have our own team of architects. The planning and the preliminary work in the study saves costs and time in the execution of work.

The use of the latest technology in 3D design that helps in the taking of aesthetic decisions and the distribution of spaces.

The client’s goals are our own. We strive to ensure you invest every euro efficiently, so that your investment is profitable.

Flexible and honest team. We only have clients who are happy with our work.


Strategic Consultancy
We draw up strategic and business plans for real estate and holding companies.

Feasibility Analysis
We are experts in the feasibility analysis of real estate developments, characterised by a high level of technical, financial or commercial complexity.

Asset Management
We perform independent asset management control, creating value for the property We specialise in uncovering inefficiencies and reducing costs.

Technical Services
Through our technical department, comprising architects with extensive experience in the real estate sectors, we offer global services, including work follow-up or technical due diligence.

Market research
Make informed investment decisions based on the latest studies and opinions with the support of advisors.

Explore financing options for your next investment. Access loans for land development, capital placement, bridging loans, development loans and marketing finance.

Área Privada

Si aún no eres cliente de Re-activa, contacta con nuestros asesores para configurarte un acceso al área de cliente.